SAPS to compete against fire and resuce at The Grind

In the Battle of the Badges at The Grind Obstacle Course Race 01, 10th place is as important as first

The challenge, which is a first of its kind in South Africa, puts firefighters from the Western Cape against police officers from the SAPS squad. The scoring is unusual. It doesn’t matter how fast the first few runners come in. All that matters is which team gets ten runners across the line before the other team gets its ten in. The competition includes an 8km run with 30+ natural and man-made obstacles across the course. The competitors will be challenged mentally and physically and will definitely be covered in mud. The firefighters initiated the process by sending a formal challenge to the police services; they are obviously, looking to back that up with a strong win resulting in bragging rights.

You can support the men and women in blue and red on 16 and 17 April at Hillcrest Quarry. Follow the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TheGrindRace or join in by entering at

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