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Tattoo Designs Ideas for Men and Women

Whether you’ve been planning a tattoo design for months, or whether you’ve impulsively decided to just go for it, when you’re actually about to get your first tattoo it is completely normal to be nervous! You may well be anxious about the pain, whether you’ll be able to stick it out to the end, or whether you’re really able to commit to one design for life. Either way, tattoos are more popular than ever!

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Here are my top 8 tips to make getting your first tattoo easier:

1. Think about where the tattoo will be going, and whether your clothing choice makes it easy to access. Will the tattooist be able to get to the area with ease, without leaving you feeling too naked! Also consider the type of material; you may well get sweaty once the pain kicks in, and you may have to lie in an awkward position, so wear something soft and comfy.

2. Without meaning to be, tattoo shops can feel intimidating at first. They’re often busy places, and you may not get seen to straight away, but keep smiling; they’ll get to you eventually.

3. Before getting your tattoo, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form, which will ask about medical history. If you are blessed with youthful looks remember to bring your ID as well.

4. You will be itching to get started, but there is often a lot of waiting about. Be prepared; bring a book, magazine or a fully charged phone. The tattooist may need to complete your design, eat lunch, or make changes.

5. Once the design is ready, you’ll have the stencil placed onto your body like a transfer. Look in the mirror and be honest about whether you’re happy with the placement. It’s easy for the tattooist to wipe it and try it in a few different spots.

6. When the tattooist starts tattooing you,your body will be flooded with adrenaline. This can make you feel faint, so make sure your blood sugar levels are up by making sure you’ve eaten before hand. Feel free to bring something to nibble on while being tattooed too.

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7. Tattoos do hurt, but staying tense does make it worse. Distract yourself from the pain with music, a book, or chatting. Some people stay quiet and just zone out; whatever works best for you! It is only pain, and it can’t be that bad, or no body would ever get a second tattoo!

8. You may feel a little light headed afterwards, so don’t sit up too quickly! Your tattooist will give you aftercare advice, which is to keep the tattoo nice and clean so that it heals well. Get them to write it down, as you may well forget once you get home.

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